For Hair That Shines Beyond Beauty – Bergamot Oil

Beautiful hair is something every women is secretly or openly desirous of…but when the daily routine starts to take its toll on the poor ladies and they have nowhere to go than to resort to chemicals, and that turns out to be the biggest folly…

They seem to forget that still, best of natural treatment exists…namely…essential oils like Bergamot essential oil…

Bergamot oil is extracted from the pear shaped yellow colored bergamot orange, and although native to Asia, it is commercially grown in Italy, France and Ivory Coast. The rind, juice and oil was and is still used for medicinal purposes by the Italians. Bergamot essential oil is popular in aromatherapy applications, and its use in spas and wellness centers is common.

Bergamot essential oil is obtained from the cold expression of the peel or rind of both unripe and ripe fruit of the small bergamot tree. The oil has a citrusy, fruity fragrance, with warm floral undertones with color ranging from green to greenish-yellow. The oil is very popular as a massage oil, however its other uses are still not well recognized and still under research.

This wonder oil has many uses that range from health to wellness to beauty to culinary. It has therapeutic and skin infection healing properties, an important oil used alone or with carrier for massages and aromatherapy to relieve one of stress and depression. The aroma is used to scent and flavor food and confectionery, its most popular use till to date is the distinct flavor it adds to Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas. It is used to add luster and repair damaged hair.

Bergamot was used in ancient times by women to scent their hair. A few drops of this oil along with a carrier oil like sandalwood is used to scent the hair while it is damp. Many hair care products make use of this oil for its high moisturizing and conditioning effects on the hair. A thick oil, when applied will add shine and protect the hair cuticle.

Problems associated with stress and depression can be treated with bergamot oil, as this oil has very good relaxant proprieties that soothe nerves and reduce anxiety. Being an anti spasmodic and analgesic, it is believed that this oil can provide relief for muscle cramps and painful contractions. Being an aromatic antiseptic, it can be used in household cleaning products as well as refreshers. Moreover, the oil is used to treat fever. It helps the body to fight infection causing virus and bacteria, and increases the body’s immunity alongside. It may also help treat –

  • Nasal de-congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Abscess
  • Chickenpox scars
  • Flatulence

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